Dawn Raids stopped

Manchester No Borders has just learned that a group of activists has targeted the Group 4 Securicor (G4S) enforcement teams in Salford. G4S operates 'snatch squads' from Greater Manchester's immigration reporting centre at Dallas Court, which aim to arrest suspected 'failed' asylum seekers and 'irregular' migrant workers. The local migrant communities live under constant threat of being victims of dawn raids by the snatch squads, being detained in removal centres or deported.Early this morning, activists used a motorbike chain to lock shut the gate at Dallas Court, preventing the snatch teams from leaving the premises. They also hung a banner reading "Caution snatch squads--we are watching you."

Today's action was part of a co-ordinated national day of action against snatch squads. Similar activities took place across the UK, in Glasgow, Bristol, Newcastle and Portsmouth.

The activists also see themselves as part of a broader campaign in Manchester to highlight the contradictions of migration management and the injustice experienced by the most vulnerable. In November this year, an unknown group of activists super-glued shut the office door of consultancy firm FD Tamesis for its PR work with what will be Britain's largest immigration prison.

In October, a protest by No Borders and anti-racist activists secured the release from custody of an asylum seeker held at Longsight police station. It is believed that without the pressure from campaigners the man would have been deported to Iran.

A spokesperson for Manchester No Borders welcomed today's 'dawn rail' on G4S, warning that "the pressure on those profiting from detentions and deportations is on. Direct action here has a direct impact on the lives of those affected."

Posted byManchester No Borders at 12:44 PM