Manchester Mayday demonstration

Manchester NoBorders joined a sizeable anarchist contingent on the annual 'Mayday march', this year held on Monday 5 May.

"Health Care for All" was one of the central demands of this year's May Day march which was organised by the Trades Union Council and campaigners for asylum rights.

A recent decision by Judge Mitting ruled that all refused asylum seekers must be considered 'ordinarily resident' in the UK and that therefore charging them for NHS care is unlawful. However, despite this ruling there are reports that refugee people still face refusal or charges for health care. And the ruling has been appealed by the government so it will go to the House of Lords.

There were over 200 people on the demonstration who marched around the city centre before attending a speaker event in Manchesters Peace Gardens.

Posted byManchester No Borders at 8:23 AM