anti-war march 20/09/08

Thanks to all those who joined us on the Freedom of Movement bloc on Saturday and who came to the after-party on Sunday. Hope you had fun!

We reckon that some 200 people formed the NoBorders/AF bloc on Saturday. We were able to communicate a message that was distinctly different from that of the main Stop the War march. With our chants and banners we made clear that capital, state and nation are to blame for war, and that political action has to go beyond lobbying and handing in petitions.

By joining the demonstration as a bloc we were able to challenge police provocation, which extended to constant videoing and photographing and cordoning us along the sides. Well done to those we actively made it possible for us to wear masks and who prevented the cops from making any arrests!

You can find some photographs of the march here and here .

Posted byManchester No Borders at 4:55 AM