20 Dec.: BMI phone blockade and solidarity with the Greek revolt

This Saturday 20th December, we are again supporting the day of action against BMI airlines. Please tell BMI that their participation in enforced deportations of asylum seekers is unacceptable. Phone the Reservations & General Enquiries numbers: 01332 854854 & 01332 648181 and the Bmi baby Reservations, 01332 648181.

Saturday 20th December has also been called as a global day of action to show solidarity with the ongoing revolt in Greece.
Undocumented migrants are heavily involved in the protests and riots. While the mainstream media continues to spread misinformation and solidarity protests in London have been violently suppressed by the Met Police, we encourage you to show active solidarity on that day (or night), and let us know about it. To get some inspiration look here.

Posted byManchester No Borders at 2:59 AM