Housing company shut down

The company office of Priority Properties North West (PPNW) in Salford was targeted in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in solidarity with asylum-seekers. A post on Indymedia claims responsibility for shutting down the office by putting superglue into the entrance locks (link).

Here is some background to PPNW:

PPNW is one of a handful of housing providers in the North West with government contracts to supply accommodation to asylum-seekers on section 4 support. The others include Happy Homes and United Property Management.

Asylum-seekers tell grim tales about the properties managed by those companies. Necessary facilities are often lacking or unsafe to use. To make more profit from their contracts, companies sometimes put two people to a room.

Recently, PPNW have begun relocating Manchester-based asylum-seekers to other areas in the North West . People who have found friends and community in Manchester now have to make a fresh start again. One of our friends, too, was taken from his Manchester home, after a PPNW letter gave him three days to pack all his belongings of several years into one small bag – or else face eviction and destitution.

In one of the most shocking stories, asylum-seekers in Liverpool have recently told us of the death of a man in PPNW managed accommodation, Borden Court. While the cause of his death is unclear, the body was not discovered after several days later. It was impossible to find and inform any friends or family.

Posted byManchester No Borders at 5:26 AM