Abolish Immigration Prisons. Freedom of Movement For All.

Demonstrate together against detention.

21st March. Assemble at Albert Square, Manchester City Centre. 12 noon.
Then, bike ride or train to Terminal 2, Detention Centre, Manchester Airport. 2pm.

Thousands of asylum-seekers are currently being kept in prisons throughout the UK. They haven’t committed a crime, but they can be imprisoned indefinitely.

Some of these people are imprisoned in Pennine House, the immigration prison located at Manchester Airport. Meanwhile, the immigration minister, Phil Woolas’ office is only a few miles away. And while hundreds of innocent people are kept in prison with no knowledge of when they will be released, he continues to make xenophobic and racist statements at every opportunity.

We demand the immediate closure of all immigration prisons, and that everyone be free to come and go as they please, regardless of the country of their birth.

With, NoBorders, No One Is Illegal, MCDAS, Anarchist Federation, NCADC, WAST and Permanent Revolution.

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