No Borders mobilises against G20 summit

A general strike in France; riots in Greece and Lithuania; in Iceland the government is forced to resign; mass protests against poverty and food riots in the countries of the ‘global south’. Worldwide, a new wave of social struggles has begun.

On the days from 28 March to 2 April, these struggles will become visible on the streets of London. As the leaders of the 20 richest countries try to fix an inherently corrupt system, tens of thousands will demonstrate against the effects of the capitalist crisis and for real alternatives [watch this video call].

A ‘No Borders’ perspective on this crisis and resistance stresses the importance of its international dimension. The global movements against the crisis fight for a break from capitalism and for a new society based on solidarity not protectionism.

Therefore, No Borders activists from Manchester and elsewhere will be present at the protests against the G20 to counter any nationalist impulse that could threaten to paralyse an emerging mass movement in the UK. The movement of people across borders is not the cause of the capitalist crisis; though migrants are the first to be blamed by all nationalist sections of society. As this crisis is global, so must be our response.

We hope to see you:

On the “Militant Workers: Direct Action” bloc on the large trade union and NGO demonstration in central London on Saturday 28 March.

On the “Black Horse” procession leaving Cannon Street rail station at 11am on 1 April. This procession has been called against ‘land enclosures and borders in honour of the 360th full circle anniversary of the Diggers’ and will lead to a street party at the Bank of England.

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