Break the Siege! No Borders national day of action for Gaza

On the 5th February, Israel and Egypt shut all borders with Gaza. Egypt has said it will close the Rafah border indefinitely as Gaza is an 'occupied territory'. No Borders UK calls for an immediate opening of Israeli and Egyptian borders with Gaza.

No Borders calls for a day of action on 27th April. Target those profiting from the siege (BAE, G4S, Caterpillar, EDO, Raytheon etc.).

No Borders is a network of groups struggling for the freedom of movement for all and an end to all migration controls. We demand the end of the border regime for everyone to enable us to live another way, without fear, racism and nationalism. We support groups in resistance on both sides of the border, from Anarchists Against the Wall in Israel, to the Free Gaza movement.

Solidarity with the victims of war does not mean solidarity with capitalist factions in a war from which they seek to benefit, nor does it mean supporting a cross-class, abstract national collective and its ethnic “rights” to lands. No Borders calls for a day of collective action against those responsible for the ongoing atrocities in Gaza. However, No Borders also rejects abandoning coherence to support a victory for a dangerous interpretation of “anti-imperialism”.

No Borders is reiterating the existing call from Palestinian community based organisations and the over 130 grassroots NGOs in the Palestinian NGO Network for an immediate opening of all border crossings currently controlled by Israel and Egypt. Refugees have been held at the border and denied medical care. The war is apparently over, yet hundreds are dying everyday because of this most brutal of border controls. Egypt blames Hamas, whilst Hamas claims that the injured refugees restrained themselves out of contempt for Egypt.

No Borders acts in solidarity with all those who are fighting to break the siege and stop the border control in Gaza. We call for collective action and practical solidarity with the people of Gaza. No Borders rejects all forms of nationalism and state based 'solutions'. Ethnicity does not grant “rights” to lands, which require the state to enforce them. People, however, have a right to having their human needs met, and should be able to live where they choose, freely.

In solidarity with Anarchists Against the Wall, the "Sarvanim" Refuseniks of Israel, the Sderot residents, Free Gaza, and the International Solidarity Movement, we call for a day of action targeting the profiteers and implementers of this siege. We call for groups to take action calling for an end to the brutal siege through civil resistance and direct action. No Borders calls for action in solidarity with those who reject all forms of nationalism, including the 'anti-Imperialist' nationalism endorsed during the war by some left-wing groups. We call for freedom of movement for all and an acknowledgment of those who are fighting on both sides of the borders to bring an end to the siege.

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