Mayday calling...

The G20 protests in the City of London were, in many ways, a massively mediatized spectacle. The real challenge is to show our opposition to the status quo at the local level of our everyday lives. This is why we are inviting you to join us on the Manchester Mayday demonstration, on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May.

With the Manchester Anarchist Federation, we will march together against redundancies and repossessions, against police brutality and cover-ups, and for a free and equal society beyond the logic of capital!

This will be a chance for those who experienced the police riot on 1st April to meet again, and for those who could not come to the G20 protests to voice their dissent closer to home. The violence that occurred at the G20 was not the result of a few individual “bad apples” within the Metropolitan Police but the systemic outcome of increasing systems of control. The repression we faced in London is a part of the same logic as that which attempts to impose ID cards, deport irregular migrants and enforce cut backs to our access to social welfare.

It will also be a chance to show solidarity with the Ford-Visteon workers who, faced with redundancy, occupied their factories in Belfast , Enfield and Basildon, or with the parents in Glasgow who seized control of the schools that were threatened with closure by the local council. Let’s continue to build a movement against capitalism and its crises.

We won’t pay for your crisis!
Fight social control!

Monday 4th May 09
Assemble 12noon @ All Saints Park to march to Castlefields.

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