Jackson's Wharf: residents win!

Last April, more than 150 people came to our demonstration for ‘freedom of movement’ and ‘autonomous spaces’. The event ended in the symbolic mass occupation of the abandoned Jackson's Wharf pub in Castlefields. For a few hours, we brought it back to live in a celebration of self-organised social space.

The demo and occupation highlighted the borders within our city and the problems that regeneration can bring to some local areas. Jackson’s Wharf was the site of a dispute between local residents and property developers who wanted to build flats there.

Residents now claim victory over the developers Peel Holding. The plans to build a seven story apartment bloc have been blocked by the Council after fierce opposition from resident campaigners. We hope that our day of action in April has contributed to the successful campaign!

A note of caution though: Castlefields is a rather affluent area, with a number of ‘celebrity’ residents. Similar anti-regeneration campaigns, such as in East Manchester, would find it much harder to be successful. And with the full impact of the ‘credit crunch’ still to be felt, the number of house repossession and evictions is going to increase dramatically.

On that note: Solidarity with the squatters of Hathersage Road.

Posted byManchester No Borders at 3:26 AM